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ABUS granite padlock in check – the professional U-lock


Padlocks are designed to protect gates, commercial facilities, barns or cellars. ThatABUSEGranite U-lock was actually developed for the protection of industrial plants, but is also available for private use. Anyone who wants thieves to bite granite when attempting a break-in or theft can rely on professional quality when choosing the ABUS granite padlock. In our check we reveal which security technology makes the ABUS Granit 37RK / 80 lock so special.

Conclusion on the ABUS granite padlock 37RK / 80

How do you recognize a good padlock? The simple answer: if it still depends on the robbery. The ABUS granite U-lock offers all the prerequisites for this and stands out from competing products with a whole range of professional equipment features. This includes protection against manipulation attempts on the cylinder or hardened lock body and shackle. ABUS manufactures the granite padlocks in Germany according to the European standard CEN class 4 and 5. For comparison, standard security here corresponds to CEN class 2.

We recommend the ABUS Granit 37RK / 80 padlock to everyone who values ​​effective burglary and theft protection. The price may seem a bit high at first glance, but in our opinion it is justified.

Advantages of ABUS Granit 37RK / 80 Disadvantage ABUS Granit 37RK / 80
  • DIN EN 12320, class 5 (important for theft insurance)
  • Tamper protection
  • Cylinder drilling and pulling protection
  • Corrosion protection through black granite coating
  • Made in Germany
  • high price, but justified

ABUS Granit 37RK / 80 padlock in check design and features

Even at first glance, the ABUS granite padlock 37RK / 80 signals that it is something special. The U-lock comes with a black coat, black black granite coating and silver GRANIT and ‘Made in Germany’ imprint. The ABUS logo is located in the lower right corner. The English word “Hardened” is stamped into the temple itself. Thieves and burglars know at first glance that cracking it will almost certainly take more time than a cheap padlock from the Far East. This is important because time is one of the most critical factors for this group of criminals. The longer an attempted break-in or theft takes, the greater the risk of discovery. The design of the ABUS granite padlock already increases the burglar protection.

An ABUS-Plus disc cylinder is used inside to protect against manipulation . Different disks are turned when the key is turned. The turning distance depends on the tooth depth of the key. If the discs are not in the correct position, a so-called blocking pin prevents the cylinder from rotating. The lock cannot be opened. Only when a suitable key has turned all discs into the correct position does the locking pin inside the ABUS granite padlock release the cylinder for rotation.

In addition, the cylinder inserted from above in the ABUS Granit U-lock 37RK / 80 offers protection against drilling and pulling . The lock is manufactured according to the European standard CEN class 5. A standard padlock, which z. B. corresponds to CEN class 2, for example, does not offer these features. In Germany, the requirements for padlocks are defined in DIN EN 12320. Here the ABUS Granit 37RK / 80 padlock corresponds to class 5. This is important if objects are to be insured against theft , such as a motorcycle, bicycles or a robotic lawnmower.

ABUS granite padlocks in check – which variants are there?

The ABUS granite padlock is offered in several versions by the manufacturer. All locks are available in an SZP variant with a security card. The models with the abbreviation RK in their name can be adapted to existing ABUS-Plus locks. Variants with bracket protection make it difficult for thieves and burglars to use tools. The certified DIN standard, which a padlock must adhere to, is important for taking out insurance.

The following table shows the main differences between the ABUS U-lock versions:

  ABUS Granite 37RK / 80 ABUS Granite 37RK / 70 ABUS Granite 37/60 ABUS Granite 37ST / 55 ABUS Granite 37/55
production EU Norm CEN-Klasse 5 EU Norm CEN-Klasse 5 EU Norm CEN Klasse 4 EU Norm CEN Klasse 4 EU CEN Klasse 4
Bracket protection and no and no no
Security card optional optional optional optional optional
DIN-Norm DIN EN 12320, KL 5 DIN EN 12320, KL 5 DIN EN 12320, KL 4 DIN EN 12320, KL 4
Cylinder inserted from above and and and no no
Removable bracket and no and no no
ABUS Sevurity Level HaSi 10 10 10 10 10

ABUS granite padlock 37RK / 80 – special features and functions

ABUS Granit 37/80 is a high security lock that was developed for industrial use. There it is used, among other things, to lock warehouses, containers or trucks. However, we also recommend the ABUS granite padlock to private individuals who value high-quality burglary and theft protection.

Other special features of ABUS Granit 37RK / 80 include:

  • Removable bracket : compared to other padlocks, users can remove the bracket from the ABUS Granit. This makes it easier to attach the bracket to objects and items.
  • Hardened steel : The lock body and shackle are made of hardened special steel, which makes it difficult for burglars and thieves to work with conventional burglary tools. Compared to standard padlocks, ABUS Granit offers increased resistance to drilling and sawing of the shackle and the lock body.
  • Increased resistance even at low temperatures : Low temperatures make metal more “brittle”. The ABUS granite padlock offers resistance to impacts on the lock body, shackle or eyelet even at low temperatures. A great advantage for everyone who lives in cold regions.

ABUS granite padlock 37/80 in check – compatible accessories

There are various accessories for the padlocks of the ABUS Granit series with which the security of the U-lock can be increased. This includes versions with security cards, which prevent the unintentional making of key copies. In order to create a copy of the key, the security card must be presented.

ABUS granite padlocks – prices and availability

ABUS offers a complete overview of all ABUS granite padlocks on its website , including a dealer search.

ABUS Granit 37/80 padlock – Technical details

  • Width: 79 mm
  • Height: 94 mm
  • Depth: 39mm
  • Shackle diameter: 14 mm
  • Weight: 1,020 grams
  • Lock type: key
  • ABUS Security-Level (HaSi): 10


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