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How to find the right product in an epilator genital area


An epilator in the genital area is suitable for all people who opt for a hair-free body. It is important to approach the subject slowly and carefully so that the skin can get used to the plucking pain. With regular use, less hair will grow back over time. Investing in an epilator for the genital area is worthwhile and saves a lot of time. Add to wishlist: Buy epilator genital area! It is best to buy online here, by pressing the button and forwarding to the Amazon offer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an epilator in the intimate area?

Many women and men today choose to have hair removed from exposed parts of the body: armpits, legs, face and pubic area. The popular epilators in the genital area, mini-epilators and eyebrow epilators , offer several advantages: They can be easily operated by anyone and are available at all times. Epilation, the pulling out of hair, is painful. The body takes time to get used to the procedure through repeated use. If you have any questions, the operating instructions will help.

If the noise of the engine is annoying, hair removal by shaving is an option. The hairs are only cut off, which makes the surface of the skin stubble and requires repetition after a few days. Other hair removal methods, such as applying and removing hot wax and sugar paste, are cumbersome in comparison. The necessary specialist knowledge is concentrated in cosmetic studios and salons. In recent years, oriental thread epilation, which is mainly used in the facial area, began to spread in the West. After an epilation, the new hair can grow in, depending on the skin type. To avoid this problem, peeling of the epilated area is recommended.

What must be considered with an epilator in the genital area?

The device plucks and pulls out the hair, including the root. To prevent the device from clogging during epilation, the hair should not be too long. A completely depilated genital area is perceived as aesthetic and hygienic. Many women cultivate the ideal of beauty in the bikini zone. Men tend to limit themselves to trimming their hair. Before using the epilator for the first time In the intimate area, this should be tried on an insensitive area such as the legs. Personal experience has to be gained. Severe pain sensitivity can be reduced by numbing the intended epilation area with special creams and plasters. These products are available from pharmacies without a prescription and should be applied one hour before epilation. The active ingredient penetrates the skin well and develops its numbing effect.


Added value for the epilator in the genital area

After the hair removal there is a resting phase of 1 – 4 weeks, depending on the speed of the regrowth. Choosing the right device is crucial in order to be able to implement personal epilation requests easily and without major pain. It would be a mistake to be seduced by cheap offers, quality is the order of the day for the genital area. A comparison of the devices must also take into account the functionality and guarantee. Experience reports can provide important clues.


What is important information about an epilator in the genital area?

The trade offers epilators in the intimate area, which were built exclusively for use in dry operation and with a mains connection. Apparatuses that can also be used as wet epilators (Wet & Dry) are ideal . These wet epilators are waterproof and work wirelessly via rechargeable battery and battery in the low-voltage range. This eliminates risks such as electric shock and short circuit and enables use in the shower and in the bathtub. Warm water moisturizes the skin and opens the pores. The pain of epilation is greatly reduced. Battery operated devices make you independent and are suitable for use outside the home and on vacation.


What makes a good genital epilator?

An attachment for sensitive areas and facial hair is required for epilation of pubic hair. Before putting on the epilator, the area of ​​skin must be tightened with the other hand. This prevents the skin from being dragged along during epilation, which can cause more pain. A gentle epilation of the pubic mound and the bikini area is achieved by putting the device on vertically and slowly removing it (at a 90 ° angle). Particular care is required in the area of ​​the labia. After epilation, the skin should be soothed with a cool compress. Then rubbing in a suitable cream helps to prevent rashes and pimples. In order to avoid friction, no restrictive clothing should be put on over the epilated area for an hour. Of the Epilators for the intimate area must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Instructions can be found in the operating instructions.


What should be considered when buying an epilator in the genital area?

The criteria for buying an epilator in the genital area are based on personal preferences. The experience of other users can be incorporated into the evaluation of a device. How do the different models perform at Stiftung Warentest and what is the feedback in the forum? Are there any known errors with the desired epilator? How long is the guarantee valid? Depending on the budget, a customer might want to be able to buy cheaply. In addition to evaluation and price comparison, the services offered should also be taken into account. It is advisable to consult user reports.


Which manufacturers offer epilators in the genital area?

The best-known manufacturers of epilators in the intimate area are Braun, which offers the Braun epilator face separately , and Philips (see recommendations above). There are additional providers who do well in the test and price comparison for Stiftung Warentest and in the forum. The ones listed below – like numerous other models from other manufacturers – can be bought online.

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Electrolux, founded in Stockholm in 1919, took over the German AEG group in 1996, under whose license name the epilators in the intimate area are available.
Selection model: AEG LBS 5676
Panasonic, the Japanese group was founded in Kadoma / Osaka in 1918 and mainly offers entertainment electronics and household appliances.
Selection model: Panasonic ES-ED90-P503
Remington, the American company based in Bridgeport / Connecticut, was founded in 1936 and shortly afterwards brought the first dry shaver onto the market.
Selection model: Remington EP7 Smooth & Silky 7-in-1


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