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Philips Hue Labs releases new features for Philips Hue


Philips Hue Labs is the insider tip for German fans of Philips’ Hue smart lighting system. After registering their Philips Hue Bridge, users of the intelligent lighting system can try out the latest lighting recipes and find out what’s new. Only recently, with “Sunrise as a trigger”, “Sensing the weekends” and “Do not disturb my scene”, three new light recipes for the Philips Hue lighting system have been added.

Connect your own Hue Bridge with HueLabs

Before you can use the “very latest” light recipes from the Philips Hue Labs with your Philips Hue light system , you need to have your own HueBridgeto be linked with the light recipe kitchen. This is relatively easy and quick:

  • Simply call up the HueLabs website via the browser on the computer or a smartphone or tablet.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the bridge icon that says “not connected”. A dialog box will open and HueLabs will search for a Hue Bridge.
  • If the bridge was recognized, you will receive a message in the dialog window that the device has been found. Now the terms of use must be confirmed and then clicked on “Connect”.
  • At the end, press the big round button on the bridge and you’re done.

You can now easily add light recipes by clicking on “Try it!” On the individual recipe cards. Under the menu item My Labs you can see all of your activated laboratory light recipes and can try out the latest three immediately andto use.
Philips Hue Starter Set White & Color Ambiance E27 (3rd generation) is available from Amazon for EUR 170.32 (as of 09/17/2018)

Sunrise as a trigger – customize sunrise with Hue

Phlips Hue has been able to simulate sunrises for a long time. The popular function is mainly used to gently wake you up in the morning. But not every sunrise is the same. Why not let yourself be woken up with a blue sun or a red one? With the Hue Sunrise recipe, the meteorological sunrise starts with your own favorite light scene. In order for the light recipe to work, however, a daylight sensor and geographic data are required. Based on the determineddataThe stored light recipe then starts for the position of the sun. The user can also specify that the light should fade out gently at sunset or instruct Hue to switch the light off manually at a set time.

Sensing the weekends – light is when I want it

The Hue Lab recipe Sensingthe weekends is a useful app for anyone whose weekend times are different from the rest of us. So if you have your weekend during the working week or have to post shift work, you will be particularly pleased with this Hue Lab recipe. With “Sensing the weekends” the behavior of the Philips Hue motion detectors can be controlled. In such a way that they behave differently on non-working days than on working days. For this purpose, the motion detector can be informed of the times at which it isSensorsshould activate. For example, you can prevent the light from being switched on while you sleep and someone else triggering the sensor.

Do not disturb my scene – leave the light scene unchanged

There are situations in which you just want to be left alone. Even before your ownPhilips Hue sensor . It is fantastic when the light control recognizes that you are active and need light so as not to trip over something. It is less pleasant when you are in the cinema mood, have the self-created slipper cinema light scene running and only briefly thatroomwant to leave. Anyone who is still mentally intertwined in a film noir and suddenly finds themselves in the spotlight has experienced the perfect mood killer first hand. This is where the new light recipe Do not disturb my scene comes in and ensures that the light scene remains unchanged at certain times.


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