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The 10 best headphones from Audio-Technica


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The Japanese company Audio-Technica has long made a name for itself in the world of audio equipment. In this article we would like to take a look at the ten best headphone models from the manufacturer together with you. We would like to present a product that is as suitable as possible for every budget. Here comes our list!

1st place: Audio-Technica ATH-R70X

Audio-Technica ATH-R70X - headphones (circumaural, headband, 5 - 40,000 Hz, 1000 mW, 98 dB, 470 ohms)
Audio-Technica ATH-R70X – headphones (circumaural, headband, 5 – 40,000 Hz, 1000 mW, 98 dB, 470 ohms)

  • Highly efficient magnets
  • Mixture of carbon and natural resin offers strength
  • The honeycomb aluminum housing is acoustically transparent

The model with the designation “ATH-R70X” was able to claw its way into first place in our list of the best. If you open the package containing the headphones from the renowned manufacturer, the slim design of the product immediately catches your eye. In fact, the ATH-R70X comes with a comparatively narrow headband, while the integrated pads ensure that it is comfortable to wear. This is of particular benefit to long-term users, in combination with the feather-light weight of the headphones, there is never any uncomfortable pressure on your head. Despite its reduced design, our Platz 1 proves to be extremely robust headphones. However, due to the open design, slight deductions must be noted in terms of external damping.


The sound that the ATH-R70X reproduces impresses with its particularly well-balanced mix. Due to the linear sound alignment, which does not put any area of ​​the sound field particularly in the foreground, these headphones are particularly suitable for studio use. Accordingly, unsuccessful recordings are pleasantly exposed honestly, since the weaker passages are not covered over by artificially amplified bass. Of course, the ATH-R70X is also suitable for regular use in everyday life and is not aimed exclusively at those clientele who want to use the headphones for the production of their own works. So if you are willing to dig relatively deep into your pocket for the purchase of the Audio-Technica ATH-R70X, you will receive a reliable product with the purchase of the headphones,

2nd place: Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones ATH-MSR7BBK Black
Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones ATH-MSR7BBK Black

  • Critically acclaimed headphones designed and engineered in Japan for the audio enthusiast
  • Experience high-resolution audio anywhere, anytime thanks to the new lightweight design
  • Connect the MSR7b to the latest high-spec audio players for the ultimate listening experience on the go

The runner-up in our selection can already convince purely visually. The classic, simple design with its subtle blue applications is immediately appealing. With regard to its own brand presence, simplicity was also the key, Audio-Technica just perpetuated its own logo in the form of a matt finish on the ear cups. The headband made of metal was equipped with an extendable snap-in system, which allows you to adjust the span of the headphones to your individual head shape. So that your ears are not damaged during use, your eavesdroppers are embedded in a springy cushion made of synthetic leather. The Y-shaped cable unfortunately only has a length of around 1.2 meters, which is why we criticize slight criticism regarding the freedom of movement.


In addition to the great integrated padding on the ear cups, the low weight of the ATH-MSR7b also means that you practically completely forget the headphones during long sessions. This also applies to those who wear glasses among you.

With the help of the 45 millimeter driver, the ATH-MSR7b achieves a frequency response that ranges between 5 Hertz and 50 Kilohertz. As a result, the headphones give you a crystal clear sound image, which gives you a very detailed listening experience. Overall, we can look forward to a well-balanced sound in which neither highs, mids nor lows appear to be too dominant. Instead, each sound nuance plays out its individual strengths in a stylish manner. The highs are sharp, the mids serve us with pure natural vocals, while the basses boom pleasantly without overdriving.

3rd place: The price-performance winner: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x DJ headphones for studio, black
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x DJ headphones for studio, black

  • Outstanding sound quality, praised by professional audio engineers and pro audio experts
  • 45 mm driver, neodymium magnet system and CCAW voice coils
  • Exceptionally detailed illustration over the entire extended frequency range with extremely precise bass reproduction

The winner in the “Price-Performance Ratio” section listens to the model designation ATH-M50X and essentially represents the direct successor to the established ATH-M50. The fully encompassing headphones have been provided with a pleasantly flexible construction by the manufacturer. This means that this model can be rotated 180 degrees to practically any position as required. This physical flexibility turns out to be a particularly clever trick for regular use in the studio, in the course of which an auricle has to be quickly folded behind the eavesdropper. The circumaural shells have a satisfactory external damping.


When it comes to sound, the product, supplied with three cables, is particularly appealing thanks to its distinctive bass. The booming passages don’t seem distorted, but powerful through and through. The highs are clearly worked out, while the mids can score with a clever balance. For some of you, however, the highs just mentioned could sometimes seem a bit too sharp. Thanks to its impressive damping, the ATH-M50x is not only suitable for recreational use, but is also a reliable companion in the studio.

4th place: Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT

Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Pure Digital Drive ™, Black
Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Pure Digital Drive ™, Black

  • Pure digital drive system
  • 45mm True Motion D / A driver
  • Luxury memory foam ear pads and headband

In view of the not to be despised purchase price with which the Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT comes along, some of you might shy away at first. However, if you can afford it and are also willing to invest a large amount of money in the purchase of excellent headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT is a top-class model. The orientation of these headphones should appeal primarily to those users who prefer to connect their acoustic companion to the corresponding end device via Bluetooth. So that the fun music sessions don’t run out of juice too early, the ATH-DSR9BT has a generous battery life of around 15 hours in active operation. As an alternative to using Bluetooth, the headphones can also be connected to a laptop, PC and Co. via USB cable.


With regard to its frequency response, the ATH-DSR9BT moves in a thoroughly detailed framework, which basically amounts to a range from 5 Hertz to 45 kilohertz. The outwardly appealing design of the ATH-DSR9BT not only pursues aesthetic purposes, but also promises a long service life thanks to its stable workmanship. The Bluetooth connection with the respective source of your tracks works reliably and within a few seconds. Once the playlist has started, you can manage the songs using the buttons on the ear cups and take calls. Although the ATH-DSR9BT weighs in at a comparatively high combat weight of around 315 grams, the headphones are very comfortable to wear, the fully enclosing auricles naturally provide superior attenuation of background noise. However, we would also like to mention that the mussels tend to generate noticeable heat when they are used for a long time. The sound spectrum proves to be both clear and balanced. The integrated “Pure Digital” drivers are particularly beneficial for the mids and highs.

5th place: Audio-Technica ATH-LS50iS

Audio-Technica ATH-LS50iS live sound in-ear headphones black
Audio-Technica ATH-LS50iS live sound in-ear headphones black

  • The ‘Live-Tuned’ Dual Symphonic driver consists of two drivers arranged one behind the other in the housing, reduces membrane distortion and ensures a balanced sound with powerful bass.
  • Detachable cable with A2DC connectors for excellent left-right separation and reduced channel cross-talk
  • In-line controller with microphone for answering and ending calls and controlling music and video playback

If we were only concerned with over-ear models in the previous cases, we are now turning to an in-ear product in the course of fifth place on our list. Compared to the models from our selection already presented, the LS50iS immediately impresses with its pleasantly low price. But do these cost-effective advantages also mean compromises in the technical performance of the product? This primarily depends on the purpose for which you want to use the corresponding headphones. Of course, an in-ear model is not necessarily suitable for professional studio use. For everyday music enjoyment, however, the ATH-LS50iS is an extremely satisfactory alternative that is particularly easy on your wallet.


The in-ear headphones, which are available in black, red, yellow or navy, reproduce a frequency response between 5 Hertz and 25 kilohertz. The cable included for coupling has a length of just 1.2 meters. In order to find the right counterpart for the individual size of your ears, four interchangeable adapters from XS to L are included in the scope of delivery. The wearing comfort of the in-ears, which weighs just 6.5 grams, does not have any noteworthy points of criticism. On the other hand, the intensity of the sound is surprisingly good. While many products from Audio-Technica are primarily characterized by their acoustic neutrality, the LS50iS have a very distinctive bass response. Compared to the booming bass, however, the highs seem a bit weak. However, this should not detract from the overall enjoyment, Overall, the sound is very intense and unfolds especially in the context of lashing tracks. The microphone integrated for making calls also fulfills its purpose at all times and transports your voice reliably and clearly.

6th place: Audio-Technica ATH PRO5MK2

Audio Technica ATH-PRO5MK2SV ATH-PRO5MK2 stereo headphones silver
Audio Technica ATH-PRO5MK2SV ATH-PRO5MK2 stereo headphones silver

  • Strong field magnet for a powerful sound
  • Monitor option with just one ear
  • Stretchable spiral cable ideal for DJs

It continues with the sixth-placed representative on our list. The Audio-Technica PRO5MK2 is described in the product description as a model that is primarily aimed at DJs, but the over-ear headphones do not necessarily meet these self-imposed requirements. The inexpensive headphones were equipped with a generous spiral cable, which in practice can be extended to a length of up to three meters. In addition, there is a jack adapter in the purchase package, the manufacturer waived further extras. The material processing of the ATH PRO5MK2 looks simple but robust. In this regard, the manufacturer primarily relied on plastic for the housing and synthetic leather for the exchangeable ear pads.


In addition, the headband comes with ample padding, which is noticeable in practical use in the form of a comfortable fit. The passive attenuation of background noise from the environment is at best mediocre, which is why we do not see the ATH PRO5MK2 primarily as a DJ product. Even the comparatively subtle bass will not be able to hold its own against the background noise of a well-attended live performance. What the mentioned bass lacks in intensity, they make up for with their structured balance. Unfortunately, the mids cannot match the quality of comparable products, but the bottom line is that they still seem solid. On the other hand, the heights, which turn out to be dynamic and differentiated, are strong.

7th place: Audio-Technica ATH-M70x

Audio-Technica ATH-M70X On-Ear Professional Monitor Headphones, Black, AUD ATHM70X
Audio-Technica ATH-M70X On-Ear Professional Monitor Headphones, Black, AUD ATHM70X

  • The M-series flagship model, with extremely accurate audio reproduction
  • Absolutely accurate reproduction of extremely low and high frequencies and balanced sound
  • Large, specially developed 45 mm drivers with magnets made of neodymium and voice coils made of copper-sheathed aluminum wire

We have just chalked the ATH PRO5MK2 that it is not really suitable for a DJ, we would now like to present you a suitable alternative that fully does justice to this purpose. At its core, the ATH-M70x are closed headphones which, in addition to their sound performance, can also score points with their shielding properties against background noise. From a visual point of view, the ATH-M70x appears as a simple product, which is given a high-quality appearance through the classic coloring in combination with the chrome components on the auricles. In terms of price, the ATH-M70x is usually in the upper mid-range.


Head and ear cushions do their job without any problems and promise you a pleasant level of comfort that doesn’t know any annoying slipping. In addition to the headphones and the associated cables, the manufacturer includes a practical hard case for transport in the scope of delivery. The 45 millimeter drivers of the ATH-M70x, however, generate a remarkable frequency response that confidently covers a range between five and 40,000 Hertz. Conversely, this results in a crystal clear sound image that can inspire with its exuberant wealth of detail. The depths remain discreetly in the background and provide the sound with a pleasant warmth. The heights are clearly worked out, but without overwinding or appearing sharp.

8th place: Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x

Audio-Technica ATH-AD900X High-Fidelity Open HiFi headphones black
Audio-Technica ATH-AD900X High-Fidelity Open HiFi headphones black

  • CCAW voice coils for delicate and expressive power. New large aperture (53mm) drivers with beautiful sound reproduction
  • Unique design of air distribution and sound propagation throughout the headphone structure. Open-back housing for a very airy listening experience
  • Very detailed sound reproduction across the spectrum. Inclined drivers offer wide and realistic spatialization

Instead of a conventional headband, the ATH-AD900x uses a double construction, which consists of two movable plastic brackets and is in turn supplemented by two flexible support wings. If you should now fear that this construction could be predestined for annoying slipping of the headphones, we can give you the all-clear. The ATH-AD900x sits securely and easily withstands everyday movements. The non-replaceable cable has been integrated into the model and gives you the necessary freedom of movement.


Many open headphones have the disadvantage that they lack the necessary power in terms of bass intensity. Although the ATH-AD900x is also made in an open design, the bass appears pleasantly powerful. The mids also know how to impress with their balanced presence. The highs can also be described as great nuanced and are more in line with the softer sound spectrum. This interplay of the various sound aspects results in a wonderfully spatial sound representation, which gives you an immersive musical experience.

9th place: Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT

Audio-Technica ATHDSR7BT headphones - headphones (supra-aural, headband, with cable / wireless, 5 - 40000 Hz, 2 m, black)
Audio-Technica ATHDSR7BT headphones – headphones (supra-aural, headband, with cable / wireless, 5 – 40000 Hz, 2 m, black)

  • Audio-Technica ATHDSR7BT Headphone shape: Over-the-ear Headphone shape: bracket Headphone frequency range: 5 – 40000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 100 dB
  • Impedance: 35 ohms

Tangled cables were yesterday! The Audio-Technica relies fully on Bluetooth and NFC and comes with all the advantages that headphones according to current standards should bring. Since the manufacturer has fully focused on wireless use in the case of the ATH-DSR7BT, this model consequently has no more analog inputs. Only the USB port serves as a possible connection cord to the end device and also functions as a docking station for battery charging. If you use the Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT primarily in combination with your smartphone, you can enjoy the permanently integrated hands-free system, which enables uncomplicated calls in between. We were particularly impressed by the lush frequency response, which is covered by these headphones and, in terms of numbers, ranges from 5 Hertz to 40 kilohertz. Above all, the end of this wide frequency range shows its incomparable acoustic trump cards with high-resolution tracks.


The buttons with which you pause and play songs, adjust the volume, activate the voice assistant or manage calls, have been conveniently integrated directly on the sides of the ear cups. Coupling via Bluetooth usually works without complications, but some users reported that in rare cases, the connection via NFC can lead to failures. However, once the headphones have recognized the corresponding device, the connection is established in no time at all. However, we have to criticize the very short range, which already causes the coupling to break after about five meters. In order not to impair your listening pleasure, it is therefore advisable to always keep the device that acts as the audio source within reach. Once the battery of the ATH-DSR7BT is fully charged, there are practically nothing in the way of music sessions of up to 15 hours. As we are used to from some of the manufacturer’s other products, the sound of the ATH-DSR7BT also impresses with its balanced linearity, which does not unnecessarily emphasize any aspect of the sound. The Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT also masters all imaginable music genres.

10th place: Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

Audio Technica ATH-M20x DJ headphones for studio
Audio Technica ATH-M20x DJ headphones for studio

  • High quality construction and technology
  • 40 mm driver with neodymium magnet system and CCAW voice coils
  • Very detailed reproduction with excellent resolution in the bass range

This brings us to the last model in our selection. In the course of the tenth place, we decided to finally present you a model that should primarily be aimed at newbies. This fact is primarily due to the low price, which is normally well below the estimated sums of the headphones presented so far. In terms of design, the ATH-M20x comes in a reduced presentation that leaves no room for optical extravagance. The plastic elements used appear solid and robust, but do not achieve the material sophistication of higher-priced products.


After all, the ATH-M20x can boast a pleasantly light weight. The 190 gram, fully enclosing headphones never run the risk of exerting uncomfortable pressure on your head. The passive attenuation of ambient noise is solid without completely isolating it. The headphones are coupled using a 3 meter long jack cable, which unfortunately cannot be exchanged. Nevertheless, the generous length of the cable never gets in the way of your freedom of movement. The sound masters the common demands and scores with nuanced fine-tuning. The bass does not appear unnecessarily dominant, highs and mids are precisely reproduced and have a natural character. A reliable entry-level model for the tight budget!


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