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The best 6 Sonos alternatives for a multiroom system


Why only play your favorite playlist in one room when you can connect multiple speakers anywhere in the apartment or house? Above all a multiroom pioneerSonoshas made a name for itself here. We show 6 Sonos Multiroom alternatives with which users can also bring quality sound into their own homes.

The best Sonos Multiroom alternatives – The most important things in brief

If you want to listen to music in every room of your home, you can set up a multiroom system in just a few steps. Sonos multiroom speakers are particularly popular for this . There are also numerous other sound factories that also offer high-quality wireless speakers . We show what you need to consider with the Sonos alternatives:

Wireless connection: Sonos loudspeakers can be linked to one another via WLAN . Only Sonos Move allows a connection via Bluetooth . We are showing Sonos alternatives with a larger selection of WLAN and Bluetooth-enabled speakers.
Voice control: One advantage of Sonos is the factory integration of Alexa and Google Assistant . Our Sonos Multiroom alternatives can all be used directly or indirectly by voice command.
Compatibility: A multiroom system consists of several audio sources. Very few speakers can be connected to one another across manufacturers. Users therefore have to commit themselves to a brand or even a product series.

Smart speakers as an alternative to the Sonos Multiroom System – reviews and recommendations

Previously, smart speakers were mainly used to control the smart home and they answered questions from their users. A popular use of smart speakers has been in listening to music since the beginning. However, the first generations were less convincing in terms of sound. Manufacturers have recognized this and are increasingly offering speakers that more than do justice to the dual function. Smart speakers are becoming real competitors and making life difficult for manufacturers of multi-room systems such as Sonos.

Amazon Echo Multiroom System – Sonos alternative for audiophile Alexa fans

With its large product portfolio of Echo speakers , Amazon is an attractive alternative to the Sonos Multiroom System. The advantage: Many users already have several speakers. For example, there is the small Echo Dot in the bathroom, an Echo 3 in the kitchen and an Echo Plus 2 , which even supports the ZigBee wireless standard , in the living room. All can be easily connected to the Echo Multiroom System and via the Alexa App ( Android | iOS ). There are many ways to play music with Alexa .

For the best music quality with an Amazon speaker, we recommend the sound flagship Echo Studio . In combination with the manufacturer’s own music streaming service and subscription offer Amazon Music HD , audiophile users receive unique Ultra HD premium sound. An additional Amazon sub ensures an even stronger bass. The Amazon Hi Fi loudspeaker is not only a strong sound component for a multiroom system, but as part of an Amazon home theater system can also raise the evening TV to a new level. That’s why users get a real Sonos alternative with an Echo Multiroom System – with Echo Studio for around 200 euros. (As of: 07/2020)

In our Echo Studio test, we were so enthusiastic about the sound that this Amazon Multiroom Speaker relegates the previous Echo speakers to the rear seats by a large margin. The editorial team at connect.de certified that Echo Studio had a very good price-performance ratio. After their test, the experts named the very decent sound, the built-in ZigBee hub and the good workmanship as further positive aspects. (As of: 01/2020)

Google Home Multiroom System – Sonos alternative for Google Assistant friends

In our Sonos alternative comparison, users of the Echo or Google Home Multiroom System have to commit themselves directly to the associated voice assistant. If you rely on the Google Assistant instead of Alexa, you probably already have a Google Home or Google Nest Mini at home. Music lovers can also connect several Google speakers to a multi-room system at this point . The advantage: Google and Echo speakers can retrospectively make other Sonos alternatives controllable by voice. This applies, for example, to Teufel Streaming Multiroom jukeboxes.

The Google speaker with the best sound quality is Google Max Home. The Sonos alternative is WLAN and Bluetooth enabled. Google Home Max is visually comparable to Sonos Five . In addition, it can also be used vertically or horizontally and automatically adjusts the sound according to the position. Using the Google Home app ( Android | iOS ), several loudspeakers can be combined into a multi-room system in just a few steps. If you want to listen to music with the Google Assistant , it is best to do so with the manufacturer’s own music streaming service YouTube Music.

In the WLAN speaker test with voice assistant from Stiftung Warentest , Google Home Max took first place – even ahead of Sonos Move (as of 02/2020). In the Google Home Max test by the editors of chip.de , the experts rated the setup as easy and the Google Assistant as great (status: 08/2020)

Apple Multiroom System – Sonos alternative for fans of the Apple universe

One advantage of the Sonos Multiroom System is the support for Apple AirPlay. This means that iPhone or iPad users can stream music directly from their devices through the speakers. Anyone who is generally committed to the Apple cosmos will find a superior Sonos alternative in the Apple HomePod . However, the selection of multi-room-capable Apple speakers is poor. In addition to the HomePod, there are no other Apple speakers so far. But this is not absolutely necessary, because the Apple Smart Speaker offers Siri as well as the integrated voice assistantalready enough power to fill small to medium-sized rooms with bass-heavy sound. An additional plus point: Apple HomePod automatically adapts the sound to its environment, like Google HomeMax and Echo Studio. B. the walls as sound bodies.

A multiroom system with Apple HomePod speakers is ideal for Apple fans. Users get the best music experience with an Apple Music subscription. Every single HomePod offers room-filling high definition sound, equipped with seven tweeters, each with its own amplifier. In addition to multiroom, two HomePods can be connected to form a stereo pair.

In the Apple HomePod test by the experts from global.techradar.com , the testers were won over by the astonishing sound quality and design. However, Bluetooth streaming was missing (as of 01/2020). In the test by the editors of chip.de, the Apple HomePod also scored positively. The testers counted the advantages of the simple setup and the very good sound at all altitudes. The testers rated the fact that the HomePod can only be used with Apple devices and iOS is required as points of criticism. (Status: 06/2018)

Smart speakers as a Sonos Multiroom alternative in comparison – the technical data

Intelligent loudspeakers are a good alternative to the Sonos Multiroom System. Our table summarizes the main differences and similarities. It is noticeable that compared to the previously mentioned multiroom alternatives to Sonos, Amazon offers the widest selection of speakers. In addition to WLAN, Google Home Max also supports a Bluetooth connection. Apple HomePod is only suitable for iOS and Apple users. The table shows other differences and similarities.

Stand: 07/2020 Amazon Echo Multiroom System Google Home / Google Nest Multiroom System Apple Multiroom System
Multiroom-capable speakers All Echo speakers and displays e.g. E.g .: Echo Dot, Echo 3, Echo Plus 2, Echo Show 8 All Google speakers e.g. E.g .: Google Home, Google Nest Mini Apple HomePod
Stereo pairing with the same second device And And And
WLAN And And And
Bluetooth no Yes, Google Home Max no
Integrated language assistance Me, Amazon Alexa Yes, Google Assistant Yes, Siri
App control Yes, Alexa App Yes, the Google Home App Yes, Home App
  • Compatible with numerous smart home devices
  • Manufacturer’s own music streaming service
  • Numerous selection of different sized speakers
  • Makes other speakers operable by voice, e.g. B. Teufel streaming speakers
  • Compatible with numerous smart home devices
  • Manufacturer’s own music streaming service
  • Makes other speakers operable by voice, e.g. B. Teufel streaming speakers
  • Requires iOS device to operate
  • Automatic room adjustment
  • Apple AirPlay

Multiroom speakers as a Sonos alternative – reviews and recommendations

The focus in the loudspeaker market seems to be shifting. On the one hand, smart speaker manufacturers are always striving for better sound. On the other hand, sound forges are increasingly interested in smart home compatibility. Sonos is leading the way and integrating Alexa and Google Assistant. In the following we name three Sonos alternatives that are comparable to the market leader and also shine with powerful sound components for a multiroom system.

Bose Multiroom System – Sonos alternative for movie buffs and sound lovers

The manufacturer Bose already provided a venerable alternative to the Sonos Multiroom System with its first multiroom series, Bose SoundTouch. However, the Bose Smart Speakers are more up-to-date and, like Sonos, already come with an integration of Alexa and Google Assistant.

Another similarity: the Bose Portable Home Speaker. It is the same as the Sonos Move loudspeaker in its application. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, both speakers can be used for music enjoyment even in the absence of a power socket and WiFi. In this case via bluetooth. However, users receive the largest range of functions with better sound and more audio data in the familiar environment at home and with a WLAN connection. All Bose home speakers can be combined to form a multiroom system. There is no compatibility between SoundTouch and Home speakers.

For multiroom beginners with smaller rooms, we recommend the Bose Home Speaker 300 . It offers 360 degree sound and also supports Apple AirPlay 2. This means that Bose Smart Multiroom speakers are also an interesting Sonos alternative for iPhone and iPad users. As with Sonos, the product portfolio also includes multiroom-capable soundbars .

After their test, the editors of computerbild.de certified the compact Bose Home Speaker 300 for its size with a powerful bass and praised the AirPlay 2 capability (status: 08/2019). The Stiftung Warentest has not yet tested the smallest Bose multiroom loudspeaker. (As of: 07/2020)

Teufel Streaming Multiroom Speakers – Timeless Sonos alternative for great sound

The sound forges Sonos, Bose and Teufel are usually mentioned in the same breath when it comes to multiroom systems. Formerly known under the name Raumfeld, the latest generation of multiroom components is now part of the Teufel Streaming seriesassigned. The Berlin manufacturer continues to rely on Raumfeld technology for networking with a group and enjoying music in every room of the home. As the only Sonos alternative in our comparison, Teufel offers separate speakers for special requests. In contrast to Sonos, individual speakers such as the Teufel One S cannot be connected to another Teufel One S to form a stereo pair. Those who are interested should rather use Stereo M or Stereo L for this project. The latter are much larger compared to Sonos speakers and look similar to classic speakers. All components from the Teufel Streaming series, including the Cinebar Lux soundbar and Teufel Sounddeck Streaming, are multi-room capable.

Chic design, an integrated subwoofer, virtual stereo sound : music lovers can’t go wrong with the Teufel One M. The bass in particular is surprisingly strong and is particularly effective as part of a multiroom system. However, if you don’t want to do without voice control, you need a connection to an Echo or Google speaker.

The editorial team at connect.de rated the Teufel One M as “Good” after their test (status: 07/2020). In the WLAN loudspeaker without voice assistant test by Stiftung Warentest , Teufel One M was the test winner. (As of: 02/2020)

IKEA SYMPHONIC Multiroom System – Sonos Alternative with Sonos signature

If you are looking for an inexpensive Sonos alternative, you don’t even have to do without Sonos technology. IKEA has the answer, because the furniture giant has entered into a collaboration with Sonos for its SYMFONISK speakers . The result is a loudspeaker combined with a table lamp and a shelf WiFi speaker. The IKEA Sonos SYMFONISK loudspeakers are controlled via the Sonos app ( Android | iOS ) and are therefore not only Sonos replacements, but can also be connected to existing Sonos loudspeakers. This does not only apply to multiroom: two identical IKEA SYMFONISK loudspeakers can be used as rear loudspeakers for home theater surround sound. In addition, both SYMFONISK speakers support Apple AirPlay.

If you don’t want to do without Sonos, but want to invest less money in your multiroom system, we recommend the SYMFONISK speaker shelf WiFi. Because IKEA built on the collaboration with Sonos here. Like Sonos Five and Google Home Max, the square speaker can be used horizontally and vertically. A multiroom system can be created from several SYMFONISK speakers or Sonos speakers.

The Stiftung Warentest rated the SYMFONISK bookshelf loudspeaker after its test with the grade “good” (status: 02/2020) . After their SYMFONISK loudspeaker test, the experts from computerbase.de came to the conclusion that the Sonos-IKEA cooperation was “good and usable Sound “deliver. (Status: 08/2019)

Multiroom speakers as a Sonos alternative in comparison – the technical data

Manufacturers of other multiroom solutions can also be a good Sonos alternative. The Bose Multiroom System also offers the integration of Alexa and Google Assistant. Teufel Streaming Multiroom offers special loudspeakers for all entertainment needs and the IKEA multiroom solution is even based on Sonos technology. We have summarized further information about the Sonos alternatives in the table:

Stand: 07/2020 Bose Multiroom System Teufel Streaming Multiroom System IKEA SYMPHONIC Multiroom System
Multiroom-capable speakers
  • Speakers from the Bose Smart Home family: e.g. B. Bose Home Speaker 300, Bose Portable Home Speaker
  • Bose SoundTouch speakers
All from the Teufel streaming series z. B. Teufel One S, Teufel Stereo M, Teufel Cinebar Lux
  • IKEA Sonos SYMFONISK table lamp
  • IKEA Sonos SYMPHONIC Regal WiFi Speaker
Stereo pairing with the same second device
  • Yes, with SoundTouch speakers
  • No, with Bose Home Speakers
No, but extra stereo pairs available, e.g. B. Teufel Stereo M And
WLAN And And And
Bluetooth And And no
Integrated language assistance Yes, Alexa and Google Assistant No, but controllable via Echo and Google speakers with Alexa or Google Assistant No, but controllable via Echo and Google speakers with Alexa or Google Assistant
App control Ja, SoundTouch App, bzw. Bose Music App Yes, Raumfeld App Yes, Sonos App
  • Alexa and Google Assistant already integrated
  • Different choices of speakers
  • Bose Portable Home Speaker can be used as a mobile device, like Sonos Move
  • Apple AirPlay 2
  • Loudspeakers for specific user projects
  • Big variance in speaker size
  • Can be operated by voice with Echo / Google loudspeakers
  • Cooperation between IKEA and Sonos
  • Compatible with Sonos speakers
  • Can be used in pairs as rear speakers in a Sonos home theater
  • Compatible with IKEA Home smart products
  • Apple AirPlay 2

Buying advice on Sonos Multiroom alternatives – the most important criteria when buying

A multiroom system consisting of WLAN speakers is much easier to set up than a wired version. Nevertheless, users should consider a few factors before choosing a Sonos alternative for a multiroom system.

Multiroom system: A multiroom system consists of several loudspeakers that are connected to one another. Then users in different rooms can listen to the same playlist. However, different songs, radio plays or podcasts can also be played in the individual rooms. Most of the time, a multiroom system can only be created from speakers of the same brand and series. Our Sonos alternative comparison shows an exception: IKEA SYMFONISK are compatible with Sonos speakers. However, this is due to the fact that there was a collaboration here. Sonos technology was built into the IKEA speakers, but no integrated voice assistance.

Voice control : WLAN loudspeakers and smart speakers are growing ever closer together and can no longer be distinguished as a product from some manufacturers. Our Sonos Multiroom alternatives can either be operated automatically by voice, have Alexa and Google Assistant integrated or can be operated by voice in conjunction with an Echo or Google loudspeaker.

Apple AirPlay: Speakers for a multiroom system are particularly user-friendly if they can also be controlled via iPad or iPhone. Apple AirPlay allows users to stream music directly from their Apple device to the speakers.

Loudspeaker models : With a multiroom system, the adjustment of the loudspeakers to the different conditions of the rooms rounds off the ideal musical enjoyment. Some speakers automatically adjust their sound to the circumstances and recognize furniture, for example. Another factor is the selection of speakers, which, depending on their design and size, are better suited for small or spacious rooms. Amazon offers a large number of Echo models in our Sonos alternative comparison. Apple, on the other hand, is entering the race with just one speaker, the HomePod.

Connections : The modern enjoyment of music via WLAN and Bluetooth may have its advantages. Lovers of records do not have to do without their physical favorite songs with our Sonos alternatives. Teufel streaming loudspeakers, for example, offer an analog connection to which a turntable can be connected by cable.

Which multiroom system is the best?

There is no general answer to which multiroom system is the best. After all, it is not only the sound quality that is relevant when making a decision, but also personal preferences and circumstances. Is smart home an important point? Does the apartment consist of smaller or larger rooms? How high can the budget be? The perfect solution can be found for everyone. We mention Sonos alternatives for a multiroom system:

  • Amazon Echo Multiroom System
  • Google Home / Google Nest Multiroom System
  • Apple HomePod Multiroom System
  • Bose Multiroom System
  • Teufel Streaming Multiroom System
  • IKEA SYMPHONIC Multiroom System

What does multiroom loudspeaker mean?

A multiroom speaker is a smart speaker that supports WLAN or Bluetooth and can be connected to other speakers via radio. Thanks to the multiroom function, users at a family celebration or party can have a certain playlist played in each room at the same time.


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