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Voice control in the smart home – this is possible with Alexa & Co


One of the biggest arguments in favor of a smart home is the desire for more convenience. The option ofvoice controlAmazon’s voice assistant Alexa, the Google Assistant or Siri make a particularly big contribution here. On command, users dim the light, increase the heating temperature or navigate through their favorite playlist. We show what voice control options are available in the smart home.

Voice control in the smart home with Alexa & Co. – these are important aspects

Voice control simplifies the operation of networked devices and automation processes in the smart home . The light -, heating or shutter control residents can simply operate by voice. Users should consider the following things when using voice control in their smart home.

What is voice control? Voice control corresponds to natural operation, namely through the spoken word. An AI analyzes what is said and responds to it or executes certain commands. This makes it easier to control networked devices in a compatible smart home. Common voice assistants are Alexa from Amazon , Google Assistant or Siri from Apple . The digital assistants learn over time and adapt to the habits of the users.

How does the voice control work? Voice assistants react to a specific activation word. With Alexa, it is sufficient to mention the name “Alexa”. Siri and Google Assistant also need the greeting “Hey” before the name. As open systems, they can also be combined with devices from other manufacturers. The automation of processes is also facilitated by various routines . The voice command “Alexa, good morning” switches on request e.g. B. turn on the lights in the bedroom, raise the blinds and the radio starts with the favorite station.

Note compatibility: Smart home beginners in particular should pay attention to the compatibility of the intelligent devices they buy. If they are compatible with Alexa or controllable with the Google Assistant , convenient operation by voice is problem-free.

Interested parties should also decide whether they want a stand-alone solution or a complete smart home system . Smart home systems such as eNet SMART HOME can be voice- controlled with both Alexa and the Google Assistant. The integration of various manufacturers also comes into play here. Tip: The radio standard is relevant so that devices can communicate with one another. This can be, for example, ZigBee , WLAN or Bluetooth.

What are the voice control options?

Users have various options for operating devices using voice control. Basically, these possibilities exist.

Voice control via smartphone / tablet: voice control in the sense of simple assistance tasks is e.g. B. possible directly via smartphone . To use Alexa, users first have to download the corresponding Alexa app, the Google Assistant, on the other hand, is preinstalled on every Android operating system and Siri as a counterpart on the portable components from Apple. This is why users are able to use voice assistants even without linked smart home devices. For example, they can ask the assistant about the weather or set up a timer. For the automation of devices, however, an additional app, such as the Google Home app, is usually required.

Voice control via intelligent loudspeakers: Voice assistants are part of intelligent loudspeakers: Amazon Echo or Google Home Speakers have integrated voice assistants and then act as a control center to operate compatible devices in the smart home on command. Voice control via intelligent loudspeakers is very convenient as they allow hand-free operation.

Control via routines: Operation via voice control is practical when users create routines and links and trigger a whole chain of actions on request. Apps are useful when linking to third-party devices. At Alexa these are called Skills , at Google Actions . Some smart home systems, such as eNet SMART HOME, also allow scenes to be imported.

Which devices in the smart home can be voice controlled?

A smart home is characterized by the fact that users switch off the lamp via voice command or reduce the temperature in warm rooms. There is hardly a device that cannot be operated using a voice assistant. We show the most important selection.

Make devices speech– controllable at a later date: Smart WLAN sockets , such as the HS110 from TP-Link, are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The conventional floor lamp in the living room or the coffee machine can be switched on and off by voice thanks to smart retrofitting with a WLAN socket.

Light control: A popular use of voice control in the smart home is the operation of the lamps. Intelligent lighting systems such as Philips Hue or IKEA TRÅDFRI are based on a special gateway . With the voice command “Alexa, brightness to 50 percent”, users dim the lights in the smart home, but can also conveniently switch them on or off verbally thanks to voice assistants. Via a connection with eNet SMART HOME, switches integrated lamps from the brand partner Brumberg can also be controlled.

Heating control: Users can also operate smart thermostats as part of the intelligent heating control by voice. Users do not necessarily have to get up to set the temperature higher or lower. Thermostats from tado ° are also compatible with smart home systems such as eNet SMART HOME and can also be connected to Alexa and Google. With the successful integration of the compatible devices, users can also operate them uniformly by voice with Alexa or Google Assistant.

TV sets: Some smart televisions already offer integrated voice assistance and do not have to be expanded in order to use voice control. Amazon offers a retrofit option with the Fire TV Stick , which includes a remote control in the scope of delivery. At the push of a button, users can voice questions about the series or favorite film they want.

Car: As with televisions, there are more and more vehicle models that already have integrated voice control or can be retrofitted under certain circumstances. Voice assistants are therefore not limited to use in the smart home.

Conclusion on voice control in the smart home – which voice control is the best?

Voice control is one of the most natural automation options in the smart home. Operation by voice is natural and users save unnecessary journeys that would otherwise be necessary, for example, to control the temperature or switch on the lights. Anyone who does not have the inclination or time to check devices for their compatibility with Alexa, Siri and Co. as well as for wireless standards can find help at eNet SMART HOME . In conjunction with special service partners, they take on the planning and implementation. The components and offers of the numerous eNet SMART HOME brand alliances are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Due to the very high compatibility and large number of useful skills, we recommend voice control with Alexa.


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