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Wallbox costs: What does the home charging station cost?


Electric car owners can charge their vehicle with the help of a wallbox at homeon. The private charging station has many advantages, such as: B. a fast, safe and comfortable charge. But how much does a wallbox cost and what prices do you have to expect when installing it? We show the factors on which the costs for a wallbox depend and how a cost estimate can be made.

Wallbox costs – the most important points in brief

wallbox offers electric car owners many advantages. Wallboxes are safer than conventional sockets, as these should only be used for emergency charging but not for permanent solutions – otherwise there is a risk of overheating and cable fire. The home charging station is comfortable and safe. But what are the costs for private users if they want to install a wallbox? Important is:

  • Interested parties should apply for funding before buying a wallbox. Possible are z. B. up to 900 euros KfW funding, when applying before the purchase. Update : currently no more funding is possible (status: 10/2021).
  • Wallbox : Depending on the model and charging capacity, a wallbox costs between 400 and 1,500 euros – or even higher.
  • Installation costs can vary widely. Is there already a high-voltage connection nearby? Do lines have to be laid first and are major modifications necessary? Depending on the effort, the costs are between 1,200 and 2,200 euros.

Wallbox costs – apply for funding before purchasing

Grants and funding must be applied for before ordering a wallbox. This applies, for example, to grants from KfW, which owners, apartment owners, landlords and tenants can apply for privately used parking spaces. There is a subsidy option of up to 900 euros per charging point. Interested parties should note that certain conditions must be met for eligibility.

Update : According to KfW, none have been able to do so since the end of October 2021newApplications for wallbox grants are being made more because the funds are exhausted. It is currently still uncertain whether funds will be made available again with the formation of the new government. (As of: 10/2021)

There are also subsidies from the federal government, some federal states and municipalities. Also grants fromElectricity suppliers are possible – however, this support is often linked to an electricity supply contract.

What does a wallbox for at home cost?

The prices of a wallbox for home are between 400 and 1,500 euros or more. The wallbox costs depend on the model and the desired range of functions. The installation of the wallbox also incurs additional costs.

What does the installation of a wallbox cost?

How much the installation of a wallbox costs depends heavily on the installation conditions and whether major modifications are required for the power line.

You can book a complete installation service through our partner. The consultation in advance is of course free of charge and without obligation.

If all the requirements for a wallbox are met, the full service costs between 1,200 and 2,200 euros. This includes the on-site inspection, installation by a qualified electrician and the selection of a wallbox.

Wallbox installation costs: These are important factors

The greatest costs are usually incurred during installation, as various measures are necessary so that the wallbox can be placed and used in the desired location.

Note : Installation and assembly must always be carried out by an electronics specialist. Experts can make an inspection and make a concrete estimate of the wallbox costs as well as taking the actual local conditions and individual wishes into account.
The following aspects influence the installation costs :

  • Wallbox : A wallbox usually costs between 400 and 1,500 euros. Price differences arise from the range of functions, such as the maximum charging power, whether a charging cable is integrated and how long it is. If you save on buying a wallbox, you may have to reckon with additional costs later. B: a FI switch as overload protection has to be retrofitted by an electrician for the wallbox installation . Good wallbox models have it already included.
  • Wallbox attachment: The installation of the wallbox is a smaller cost factor. A distinction is made here between wall mounting (e.g. in the garage) and free-standing mounting on a column.
  • Connection to the house network : The most important factor when installing the wallbox is the charging infrastructure. This means the connection between the house connection (fuse box) and the charging station. In most cases, a power line still has to be laid here. If major renovations are required (wall openings or the like), the costs for the connection naturally increase. It may even be necessary to expand the network connection or a separate onePower connectionmust be routed from the power distribution box. This is often checked in detail during an on-site inspection, during which the installation costs are then also calculated. You can roughly calculate with 500 to 2,000 euros.
  • Registration with the network operator : Wallboxes must always be registered with the network operator. However, the registration is often carried out as customer service by an electrician and is therefore included in the installation costs.
    Wallboxes with a charging capacity of more than 11 kW must also be approved by the network operator. The cost of the permit is around 500 euros.
  • Tenants and owners: Those interested in a home charging station must note that the living situation can have a significant impact on the wallbox costs. Owners can independently hire an electronics specialist and have a wallbox installed. Tenants, on the other hand, have to consult with the landlord. Thanks to the law on the modernization of residential property, however, it has been easier for tenants to implement the wallbox project since December 2020. There is a right to the installation of a wallbox, which the landlord can only refuse for valid reasons – e.g. B. if the building is listed. If the landlord allows tenants to install a wallbox, the costs for the installation must be agreed individually, as the landlord can, but does not have to, participate. However, advantages for tenants and owners are e.g. B. an increase in the value of the rental property. Billing can also result in individual costs, depending on whether the electricity consumption runs on the apartment’s electricity meter or whether the wallbox is used by several tenants and owners by registering.

Bright spot : The Building Electromobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG), which was only passed in February, has reduced or even eliminated the cost of installing a wallbox (status: 02/2021). Because through GEIG theexpansionalso supported by charging stations in private rooms. In private living areas with more than five parking spaces, a charging infrastructure will be mandatory for new buildings and conversions from 2025. This means that pipes for cables are built so that the installation of wall boxes is easier and faster.

Wallbox costs – Wallbox with installation & sample calculations

We recommend a wallbox with at least 11 kW charging power. They are safe, offer a sovereign charging time and are compatible with the plug types of common electric cars. 11 kW are also a factor so that the wallbox z. B. is eligible for funding from KfW. Some manufacturers note this plus point and the savings potential for customers in the shop area. Popular models are already affordable. This includes, for example, the Wallbox Energy Control 11 kW from the manufacturer Heidelberg.

Wallbox costs example calculation: 11 kW wallbox & 22 kW wallbox

In the following, we show rough example calculations of wallbox costs. The first calculation is based on the installation and assembly of an 11 kW wallbox. It is eligible for KfW funding, which is why ourscenario

 the savings potential of 900 euros is used:

Example calculation for an 11 kW wallbox Estimated costs in euros (as of 02/2021)
Wallbox (11 kW)   700 Euro
Wallbox attachment + 70 Euro
Connection, installation & registration + 1.300 Euro
Savings through subsidies (KfW) – 900 Euro
Sum of the costs for wallbox & installation = ca. 1,170 Euro

If users choose a Wallboxthat offers more than 11 kW and is not throttled, there are no funding amounts, such as B. the 900 euros from KfW. There are also additional costs because the wallbox not only has to be registered, but also approved.

Example calculation for a 22 kW wallbox Estimated costs in euros (as of 02/2021)
Wallbox (22 kW)   800 Euro
Wallbox attachment + 70 Euro
Connection, installation & registration + 1.300 Euro
Approval because> 11 kW + 500 Euro
Sum of the costs for wallbox & installation = ca. 2,670 Euro

Ongoing costs of the wallbox in operation

The costs for the installation and the wallbox itself amortize over time, as the very rare and uncomfortable alternative of charging at a public charging station is more expensive. The obvious running costs of a wallbox arise from charging the electric car. You can count on the usual prices for house electricity. On average, one kWh costs around 30 cents. Charging an electric car with a battery capacity of around 40 kWh costs around 12 euros. In this example, a range of 100 kilometers costs around 4 euros. Price fluctuations arise from how often drivers use their electric car and how often a charge is necessary. The Tesla Model X 100D, for example, has a range of around 450 kilometers. With a short commute of 30 kilometers to work and back during the week, the battery will last for around three weeks if it is really only used for this distance. However, the battery should not be completely empty. The ideal thing about the wallbox at home is that the e-car can simply be charged overnight and is ready for use again the next day.

There is no regular maintenance obligation for private wallboxes. In comparison, the regulations for company-used wallboxes are stricter, as maintenance should be carried out annually. In the private sphere, however, it is recommended to have the wallbox checked every two or four years. The wallbox costs for maintenance are around 200 euros.

Wallbox costs – where can you buy wallboxes?

Wallboxes are particularly easy to order online. However, the installation must always be carried out by an electrician who can be commissioned himself. But there are also options to order a wallbox with installation directly.

Wallbox installation service : This includes the cost estimate by experts, the decision for the right wallbox, as well as the technical implementation andMontagethe wallbox by a specialist electrical company. Practical: The wallbox costs are transparent and understandable from the start without expensive surprises.

Receive a consultation appointment within a few minutes for a  wallbox that fits your electric car, including a professional assembly service. Uncomplicated, free and without obligation.

Wallbox-electricity contract combination : Some energy providers offer their own product portfolio of wallboxes that customers can combine with corresponding electricity contracts. Depending on the electricity provider, theServicea qualified electrician can be called upon, or those interested can hire a trusted electrician themselves. The purchase of the wallbox with an electricity contract is z. B. possible via the websites of the respective providers.

DIY solution : users choose the wallbox themselves and clarify the technical implementation with a local electrician who is also responsible for assembly. The necessary steps are organized by yourself. The wallbox can be purchased from online shops or from specialist dealers on site. Some wall boxes are also available from car manufacturers.

Conclusion on wallbox costs

The installation of a wallbox can involve conversion work. However, if the wallbox is in its intended place, electric car owners benefit from the advantages and can use itAutoload comfortably, quickly and easily. A cost calculation is only possible approximately, however, as the price depends on individual factors. Those interested should, however, expect wallbox costs including installation and assembly of between 1,000 and 2,000 euros.

In general, the precautions and final installation of a wallbox must be carried out by specialist electronics companies. They can calculate and accurately estimate the wallbox costs for the individual case. Laymen and DIY enthusiasts should not install a wallbox – otherwise they risk an electric shock or damage such as fire. If you want to install a wallbox, you should therefore hire an expert from the start.


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